Premiere Domestics Perfect Fit Nannies


​This is a Nationwide service and

It is available across the Continental U.S 

This company was created from a real passion to help

both the employee and the family find a good fit.

I know from experience if either one are unhappy

that it will not create a lasting relationship

and that is of course the ultimate goal!

I have struggled in both positions

I was a live in Nanny and

 and then a mother looking for someone

I needed someone I could trust

and also someone I actually liked

and could relate to.

It is already difficult to open up

your home to a stranger

much less one that is not a good fit for

your lifestyle and belief system.

Therefore I started this Service

to provide the unique experience 

finding just the right Person for the job

and just the right job for that Person.

I am an experienced matchmaker

and I have applied these skills to this service 

and have had a huge success rate.  

We offer low cost placement with a guarantee. 
We perform a preliminary check on all the candidates

However the actual background check is done at point of hire

We want to be sure it is accurate and up to date.
Background checks are a separate cost  

Depending on status of the candidate.

If they have a social security number

I recommend  
If status is unclear please refer them to DPS fingerprinting

It is a federal background check. 
Employees are required to submit any references

directly to the client

I know that you would want to

speak to them yourself.

All employees should be made aware

They are subject to drug test at any time.

That must be purchased and performed by client.

It is available at your local drug store for around $20

It will test for all chemical substances.
 We offer the choices of age preference, race or ethnic background

Also if you have Religious preferences I need to know 

We understand that you may want someone like minded

When it comes to raising your children

And that is your prerogative.
We try to stay in your budget if it is a fair wage.
      We provide both live in and live out.

Free consultations
Service Excellence
Satisfaction guarantee

All Fees Are Upfront

 We now have two payment options in 2016
First Option is a $100 flat rate fee
It comes with unlimited candidates and a
30 day replacement guarantee

with one replacement if needed 

within that 30 day trial period
Second Option is a $199 flat rate fee
It comes with a 90 day replacement guarantee
up to 4 replacements within their 90 day trial
After the 90 days you have a $50 replacement fee
Up to a year from initial payment

We have a no refund policy